March 2021
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Gumpers Players

So here is the rundown of the Gumpers’ Players:

Name: Munk

Height: 6’1″

Weight: 210lbs

Temperament: Gentle Giant

Aliases: Chunk, Funk, Magic Munk (“Magic Munk” was given to him by the ladies, for obvious reasons)

Favorite Expression: “Whatchamacallit” or “Maaannn”

Best Basketball Move: Running to  the baseline and getting stuck

Other: The phrase “Munkin’ it” was invented to represent Munk’s work habit.  If you are at work, and not doing anything you can say “I’m Munkin’it”.  It is also known fact that he has thrown, on at least one occassion, a dart at Bano’s head, has had a ‘stache since the 6th grade, and has the thickest fingers you have ever seen.

Name: Bano

Height: 5’9″

Weight: 175lbs

Temperament: Lady-like (minus the fashion sense)

Aliases: Albano, B, Al “B” Sure

Favorite Expression:  ”Whatever” or “Ditto” or “Buddy”

Best Basketball Move: Baseline Jumpshot.  Its important to note he used to be able to hit 3′s, and he used to have one inside move, but not anymore.

Other: Bano is featured in this picture with “Whitecloud”, his horse on our Montana cattle drive [ps: Where is the horse's mouth? Why is Bano smiling?].  Bano was afraid of the horse, which was interesting to me, because they have an eerie resemblence, likely due to head shape/size.  He is notoriously late, leaves his cell phone off at work, and is the best free throw shooter I know.

Name: Jose

Height: 5’10″ish

Weight: 187lbs

Temperment: Cross between LL Cool J and Dr. Seuss

Aliases: Hoz, Joz

Favorite Expression: “Seeeee” or “Testing the waters”

Best Basketball Move: Going inside strong and wild. Occassionaly a looong 3-pointer.

Other: Jose is known to be a man of many skills. He is extremely social, and is probably the best karaoke singer of the group. He has an uncanny ability to pick up the vibes of a situation. He is the quickest with a comeback, making him a critical component for a fun night out. Rumor has it that he once shot 30 free throws in a row – missing the entire 30.  Hoz is known to round up said name for parties.

The bios of the other players are coming soon. In the meantime, here is a video of me shooting a free throw (so you can learn how to do it correctly).

Step 1: Feel the ball in your hand (i.e. not just hold it)

Step 2: Bend your knees

Step 3: Look at the basket

Step 4: Bounce the ball a couple of times

Step 5: Look at the basket again, aim.

Step 6: Shoot

Step 7: Follow-through

Note: Step 1 can also be, “Spin the ball on your fingertip”, but there is only one other person that I know that can do that and still make it in, so that means that you shouldn’t try it (just know that its out there as an option when you get better).