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Garbage Airline Safety?

I recently took a transcontinental flight on Continental/United, and overall the flight was a great experience – awesome seat with nobody in the middle seat next to me to spill over into my space, only a slight delay, and a smooth ride.

Airline Safety

One of the apparent many uses for the plane exit door at 30,000 feet.

However, one thing that caught me off guard, was how the safety apparatuses were used as “helpers” for garbage collection.  Take a look at the picture, and realize that the emergency door handles were used to hold garbage and garbage bags.  Also, understand that it was that way for the majority of the flight, and that both the airline attendants and passengers would go up, and put garbage in these bags.

I would think that United or Continental or UnitedContinental or ContinentalUnited would want to keep that area free and clear in case of an emergency.  Moreover, I would imagine that they would not want people playing around with the exit doors at 30,000 feet.  But then again, maybe they don’t care, I mean if it was that important, they would make sure that the airline attendants understand the importance of maintaining a safe evacuation area.

Just one of my many airport/travel observations, but certainly not very reassuring.

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