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New York vs San Francisco

Okay, having come from the east coast I thought it would be good to get perspectives on NYC vs SF.

This is a quick list of items, feel free to add/comment:

Style: NYC.  When you go out at night, people seem better put together.

Weather: SF.  NYC is too cold in the winter time and too hot in the summer.  SF is a smooth 65-70 degrees all year round.

Lifestyle: SF.  More laid back (though you can’t get a decent meal after 10pm).

Politics: NYC.  They seem to be more progressive, and though not perfect, seem to have more problems, where SF politics never seem to get anything accomplished.

Public Transportation: NYC.  You can live without a car in NYC, but definitely need one in SF, given the lack of transportation options.

Diversity: NYC.  There isn’t anything you can not find in NYC.

Substance: NYC (but maybe out of my lack of experience in SF).  People in NYC seem to have more substance, and come across more genuine.

Cuisine: Tie. Both have great food.  SF seems to have better ingredients, while NYC seems to have it prepared better.  [NYC pizza, bagels, and donuts win hands down.  SF salads absolutely rocks.]

4 comments to New York vs San Francisco

  • Rebeca

    Well, I think SF is a lot more cleaner than NYC!

  • Tig

    SF is ahelluva lot dirtier than NYC. I am a New Yorker,born and bred. Granted, when I left in the 70′s, I DID NOT look back! It was a hell hole!
    My last trip back East was an eyeopener! tons of flowers,clean streets and no bad vibe from the homeless like in downtown SF( or the Haight, Mission or Market street) There are panhandling laws in NYC that prohibit street people from aggressively hustling people.
    I love San Francisco,but,the homeless there have more rights than the average pedestrian. I lived in NYC for 18 years and left without a scratch on me.I’ve been mugged twice in SF. Once in Cole Valley by 2 crackheads Once in Bernal Heights when a nut broke into my house and tried to kill me with a pipewrench!
    Needless to say,I don’t live in the city anymore. there are just way too many wack jobs! It is one of the filthiest cities in the country, regardless of the views. It’s a shame, it should be a gem on the coast. Instead its something that needs to be covered with a bandaid.

  • Tig

    ps. check out the sf examiners review on Sf’s dirt as of 01/13/10 Tig

  • Rebecca


    Thanks so much for letting me know! I guess the few times I visited was not enough to really see what it was like. Good to know, especially if I decide to ever move out there!

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