March 2021
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Quick Thoughts on Latest News Topics

Here are my quick thoughts on some of the latest news headlines:

  1. Pets more destructive than SUVs, etc. to the environment. I am so tired of all these talks about global warming, and now the same people who say global warming is going to melt the earth are saying that your dog/cat/fish are destroying the environment.  Its apparent to me that these people have nothing better to do with their time.  They invent fictitious events (i.e. global warming), to try to control what you do (I am of the mindset, if you are responsible, then you should be able to do more or less what you want), because there life is so meaningless.  Leave me alone!!
  2. Brittany Murphy Dies.  Usually I am more of the “who cares” mentality, but I like Brittany Murphy for several reasons (aside from the obvious).  First, she went to school in my home town.  Second, she married a normal looking dude.  And finally, because she seemed down to earth.  So with that being said, a sad loss (even if it turns out to be drug related).
  3. Balloon Boy Parents Get Sentenced. Not much to say here, other than they are total morons.  The guy deserves a kick in the nuts.  In my view, the punishment was too light.
  4. Savage Attack on NJ 8th Grader.  Okay, so here is one where 11 kids beat up an 8th grader, because he was playing basketball and accidentally hit a girl with a ball.  The kid was an honor roll student, and they beat him so bad they cracked many of his face bones, and he may lose his sight.  No doubt that the 11 kids involved will get a slap on the wrist, while this kid will be dealing with this his whole life.  These are the times where I wish that bad karma comes quickly, but until that day comes, they should all be thrown in jail until they are 30 years old, general population of course.

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