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I was seldom able to see an opportunity until it had cease to become one.”  -Mark Twain

So I have been thinking, now that I have been back on the east coast.  The east coast still feels like home, and to me I am just a visitor on the west coast.  Yet despite that feeling, I am hoping it will change.  It’s never good to be in a place where you are not wanted, yet alone in a place you don’t want to be in.

The vast majority of me misses my life here on the east coast every moment of the day.  But there is a small part of me that is so excited to be in SF.  I feel an energy, one that really intrigues me.  I have never lived in a big city (though I worked in Manhattan for a short period of time), and the opportunity that has presented itself to me, for whatever the time period, is just that – an opportunity.

It’s funny about opportunity, because an opportunity is what you make of it.  In reference to the Mark Twain quote, I feel I am fortunate to know the opportunity that I have, but now that I know what I have, it’s up to me to make the most of it.  I hope I will…

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  • Rebecca

    I totally agree with you! Opportunity is what you make of it. I hope you make the most of it too! Once you are able to see all the positives in the situation you are in, I think you will be so much happier and feel a little better about the opportunity you have been given.

  • bano

    I was about to respond one way after reading the first paragraph THEN – and thankfully so – you changed your attitude and went the positive route. Its bout time Pugliese… you were really upsetting me in your earlier diary entries. And bless Rebecca for being so patient with your stubborn butt. :)

    PS: I wanted to leave a comment on the Global Warming post but it wouldn’t let me. Said comments was closed?? maaaaaNN…. I found it really interesting what you found and I tend to agree. There was a really good 20/20, i think it was, with John Stopple and he tackled a lot of these public scares we constantly hear about such as global warming and the loss of trees. He investigated further and share a lot what you disclosed. Few scientists supporting the global warming claim… current stats that show our percentage of forest is almost identical to that of 50 years ago… and much more. These topics are definitely worth considering, but there are far more important crisis happening every day – such as those you mention – that require more public awareness and aid. We all need to do what MJ said at the end of the day I believe, and that is: “if you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make the CHANGE” Man in the Mirror baby! :)

  • bano

    MaaaaaaNNNN… where new posts at?? You slacking P-Slims… you slacking… i’m gonna check my fantasy stats. PEACE

  • bano

    BTW — that video you had with guy playing “final countdown” was great! that guy was really really good. I love that song too! :)

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