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Lonely in SF: Letters to a Young Poet

So today, as I often am, feel lonely to be in SF.  Its raining, and I am at Panera on my laptop just surfing around. Anyway, I was reminded about one of my favorite books – Letters to a Young Poet by Ranier Maria Rilke.

The book is a collection of 10 short letters written by Rilke to a former student who was away in college.  The college student felt alone and unsure, and Rilke wrote letters helping to explain life, to encourage, etc.

Anyway, one of my absolute favorite books.  I found a website, where they had the letters written out so I copied them.  They will be posted permanently on this website (or until I don’t need them anymore).

Letters to a Young Poet

3 comments to Lonely in SF: Letters to a Young Poet

  • bano

    You should really cheer up and stop writing how lonely you are. You have been given an opportunity offered to so few. Live boy… live. Stop thinking about the obvious and look for the new. I can never understand you.

    On different note: i look forward to reading these letters. Sounds interesting. :)

  • Rebecca

    Hope you start to feel better in SF. It really is a beutiful city, with many more beautiful towns for you to explore! I think once you open yourself up to all it has to offer you, you will feel better.

  • Rebecca

    Letter 4 so far is my favorite.

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