August 2022
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Gulf Oil Spill - Blundered by Government

As many of you know, I am big into nature, the environment, etc.  The Gulf Oil Spill has been one of the worst environmental disasters – IN HISTORY.  Its huge – many, many, multiple times larger than the Exxon Valdez in Alaska.  Yet the government, along with BP, have done nothing but blunder efforts to clean-up and contain the spill.  They have little idea of what they are doing, the president is playing golf, BP is not moving fast enough, etc.  A complete disaster!!

Here is what was officially said by the White House and Obama team on June 15th:

<<The Obama administration’s plan to contain oil leaking from a deepwater pipeline could be sucking up as much as 90 percent of the spewing oil by the end of June.

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said Tuesday that the strategy BP is pursuing — at the behest of the federal government — will have a high efficiency rate in containing the oil spill by the time the end of this month [June] rolls around.

“I think the containment strategy that the Coast Guard and the federal government pushed BP to accelerate will capture most of the oil that is leaking from the Gulf right now,” Gibbs said during an appearance on “Good Morning America” on ABC this morning. 

Gibbs said he “absolutely” agreed with reported assessments that the strategy could mean an effective containment rate of 90 percent of the leaking oil [by end of June].>>

As of today, the oil is spilling at the same rate that it did over two months ago.

Anyway, here is a funny parody of what’s happening…

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Tax Season’s Little Facts

I’m getting ready to do my taxes, and I thought I would thrown out some numbers to see how the system really works. I always get frustrated this time of year, and here is why:

  • 1% of all people in the US pay over 40% of all taxes
  • 25% of all people in the US pay over 86% of all taxes
  • Over 43% of all people in the US pay ZERO taxes or pay ZERO taxes AND receive government handouts
  • If you have a job that pays over ~$40,000/year, you are working until April 13 just to pay the government, who in turns hands it over to someone else who is likely lazy.

This trend has been happening for a while, and each year less and less people pay more and more of the taxes.  The kick in the nuts is that the majority of people can say “yes” to more government spending, such as healthcare, stimulus bills, bailouts, etc., but to them its “free” because the majority of people pay almost no taxes, meaning they leave it up to the Top 1% or 25% to pay for everything.

Its a shame when more people go to the post office to pick up a government check than those who go to the tax office (or through their work deductions) to drop off a check to the government.

So you see the next time you vote, and politicians promise things, those things are coming out of someone’s pocket (yours) to someone who doesn’t work.  They will always take disproportionately more from those at the top to get elected, because there is not enough of them to vote them out.  And when you see those crowds on TV supporting specific programs, think “Who is paying for this?”, chances are they are not and you are.

Welcome To The Start Of The Mini Ice Age

So if you have been following what I have been saying, you know that I have been extremely skeptical of this whole global warming non-sense, believing that it is more of an excuse to control what we say/do.  I also believe that they ignore the true problem about a lack of clean drinking water, and general air/ocean pollution.  As always, when money is involved, power corrupts, and the true issues are ignored and blurred by greed.

Here is a link to one of the many articles that explain more accurately what is happening:

Article:  The mini ice age starts